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The Future of Speech-Language Pathology

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December 27th, 2012

FL SLP Grad Students @ 04:00 pm

Hey there! I'm studying Psychology for my Bachelors and I intend on receiving the Speech-Language Pathology Certificate and then apply to grad school however because FIU does not offer a Bachelors degree in Communication and Science Disorder I'm SUPER limited. I could only really apply for FIU or Nova (which I don't really want to attend). I'm thinking of reaching out to UF, FSU, UCF and see if I could possibly transfer any credits from the pre-requisties I receive from the SLP Certificate courses I take and maybe receive my Communication and Science Disorder from one of the other schools. Obviously I don't want to buwaste any more time or money but grad school is so competitve and the more I research the more nervous I am. I would just appreciate any feedback from anyone that attends any Florida Universities for SLP. As much as I research I'd rather hear how much they like the campus, department, professors, and overall program. Also, what your GPA, chariable history/volunteer backround, GRE scores were when you applied. Thanks in advance! :)

April 22nd, 2011

ETSU @ 12:32 pm

 So, after much deliberation I have decided to attend ETSU. Anyone else out there? I know it is a very small program (which I love) but, I am hoping to find at least one other person that plans to attend next semester!! I have talked with many of the current students but would love to find some of my classmates. :) you can also e-mail me at: rmjones123@gmail.com Thanks.

January 12th, 2011

Internships @ 02:18 am

 Hey does anyone know about any internships in brooklyn, NY for Speech pathologists? 
Also how many hours do we need for ASHA?
thanks !

January 3rd, 2011

SOP @ 06:01 pm

 Anyone want to exchange SOP's?  I would like someone to look over mine.  Not sure if it is what they are looking for.   

August 11th, 2010

CAPD testing and coding @ 11:50 am


I just got a new job with a holistic ENT and he's letting me set up a CAPD program and I'm planning to do this in conjuction with an SLP and/or a Special Ed teacher for treatment. We are focusing, primarily on adults, and have a large population of non-English (or limited English) speakers, primarily who speak Spanish (as I do), Russian, and Hindi/Urdu/etc., with a smattering of Persian and Armenian. We'd like to focus a bit on the concept of accent reduction and the overlap with auditory processing.

I really need help on setting up a battery and figuring out the coding for Medicare, etc. Having a doctor on staff may help with reimbursements. Can anyone help me?




January 17th, 2010

Just wanted to introduce myself @ 07:39 pm

Hello everyone,

I am in my second year of grad school in speech language pathology, so I will be graduating in less than 4 months and I am super excited.  It def. has been a long journey but, it has been worth it all!  I am applying for jobs, just finished taking the Praxis and preparing for graduation in May!  I am willing to answer ANY questions if you have any to the best of my ability!  I think it is awesome to have collaboration with other future slps.  My journal focuses on a variety of resources, articles, interesting facts, and you name it, that have been beneficial, inspiring, or educational to me.  So feel free to check it out because I will be posting daily and feel free to send me a message as well with any questions you may have in general.

September 22nd, 2009

Graduate Non-Degree @ 02:24 pm

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I graduated back in 2005 with my BA in Speech and Hearing Science.  Since then I have attempted to apply for graduate school to get my MA in Speech-Language Pathology.  It hasn't worked.  This year I have realized that I can't afford the cost of applying.  That got me motivated to start looking at my options since I'm tired of sitting around going "Next year I'll be in grad school!"  I found out about the option of going Graduate Non-Degree at Ohio State.  It doesn't cost anything to apply and I'm hoping to get enough student loans to cover the cost of school if not also living and go full time.  This brought up a few questions that I thought I would ask you all.

First, my plan is to go GN-D for three quarters (yes, we're still on quarters), Winter, Spring, and Summer, in the hopes that I can show that I can handle the graduate coursework and possibly get to know a professor or two so I can get good letters of recommendation.  I would apply for the graduate program for the next year and go continuing education in the meantime.  Am I crazy or is this a good idea?

Second, I was looking at courses and found the Masters of Education Program in Hearing Impairment.  It's a one year program that certifies you to be a teacher of hearing impaired students.  Would this be a good course to follow to supplement the MA in SLP?  I would love to work out at the Ohio School for the Deaf as a SLP.  Would this help or just be extra work?  Would an interpreter certification be just as good if not better?  I have thought a lot about taking the interpreter courses over at Columbus State and getting certified.  I'm just not sure which one would be more helpful.

Third, has anyone had any experience with going from GN-D to a SLP graduate program?  I have been told by professors that being able to show that I can handle a graduate level class while taking other classes or working full time would help my chances of getting in.  My grades from undergrad aren't that great, so I need all the help I can get.  Also it's been almost 4 years since I graduated.  Showing that I can still handle courses can't hurt.

Thanks in advance for your help!


August 18th, 2009

some newbie questions @ 12:47 am

Hi everyone,

I recently became interested in possibly going to graduate school for speech language pathology. I'm currently a translator and I've always been fascinated by languages and linguistic type stuff, and I'd love to have a career where I could help people. The more I think about this career, the cooler it seems. Since I won't be able to start the graduate program for awhile (moving, becoming a state resident, fulfilling requirements I didn't take as an undergrad--it could be two or more years before I could start a master's program) I was wondering if you could suggest a good textbook or two I could start studying in the meantime? Is there anything I can get a head start on now, besides being sensitive to volunteer oportunities in my community?

I'm sure this is a common thought before embarking on an expensive educational plan: I'm excited about this now, but how can I tell if it is something I would want to do for the rest of my life? I still have student loans from my BA and a failed attempt at grad school (Japanese literature) in my early 20s. While I think I'm more mature now and would be able to see this through if I started it (I'm 34), is it realistic for me to think of doing this at my stage of life, taking out more loans if necessary? I do feel like I need some extra qualification to be competitive, since there are not many jobs for translators where we are thinking of moving.

How challenging did you find it academically to get an MA or MS in speech language pathology? What were the hardest parts for you?

Nice to meet you all, sorry for all the questions!

April 4th, 2009

Screening test @ 07:24 pm

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Hi everyone,

I rarely post to this group, but I've never really had much to say or ask about.  First of all, I'm Emily and I'm a 1st year graduate student of SLP at the University of South Dakota (USD).  Currently I am on a committee to help prepare for a speech and hearing fair our on-campus clinic will be hosting next October for people in the military and their families.  We secured a grant to put this on and are very excited about it.

What I am wondering is if anyone has or knows about a screening tool to detect a mild TBI for young adults to older adults (the military population)?

We have materials to screen children (if they bring their children with them) for language and speech issues, but would like to be able to provide screenings for veterans/military persons who may have an undiagnosed mild TBI or other underlying problem.

Please let me know if you have something or know of something that I could look up or research that would help us out.  Thank you so very much! 


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March 26th, 2008

Temple MA program @ 04:35 pm

I applied to Temple's Master's program for SLP in February. I'm still waiting to hear back...has anyone else in this community applied to Temple? Have you heard back yet?