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The Future of Speech-Language Pathology

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August 11th, 2010

CAPD testing and coding @ 11:50 am


I just got a new job with a holistic ENT and he's letting me set up a CAPD program and I'm planning to do this in conjuction with an SLP and/or a Special Ed teacher for treatment. We are focusing, primarily on adults, and have a large population of non-English (or limited English) speakers, primarily who speak Spanish (as I do), Russian, and Hindi/Urdu/etc., with a smattering of Persian and Armenian. We'd like to focus a bit on the concept of accent reduction and the overlap with auditory processing.

I really need help on setting up a battery and figuring out the coding for Medicare, etc. Having a doctor on staff may help with reimbursements. Can anyone help me?



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