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The Future of Speech-Language Pathology

A place to meet, learn, discuss, vent, communicate!

Future Speech-Language Pathologists
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This community was created for future SLPs (Speech-Language Pathologists/Therapists), those who are interested in possibly becoming an SLP, current SLPs, anyone who wants to learn a little about the topic, clients, parents/families of clients, or any other curious people.

I do not feel it is necessary to "regulate" posts: what goes in them, how they are created, etc. It would be awesome to post a little introduction about yourself, if you are new, but feel free to do whatever you are comfortable with doing. The only thing I ask is that you be respectful. Thanks! :)

I created this community with the intention of creating a place where those who are interested/going into the field of speech-language pathology can ask questions, talk about things, meet new people, vent, etc. That's what I feel a community is all about and it is what I intend to do! :) So, please feel free to do the same!