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The Future of Speech-Language Pathology

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January 17th, 2010

Just wanted to introduce myself @ 07:39 pm

Hello everyone,

I am in my second year of grad school in speech language pathology, so I will be graduating in less than 4 months and I am super excited.  It def. has been a long journey but, it has been worth it all!  I am applying for jobs, just finished taking the Praxis and preparing for graduation in May!  I am willing to answer ANY questions if you have any to the best of my ability!  I think it is awesome to have collaboration with other future slps.  My journal focuses on a variety of resources, articles, interesting facts, and you name it, that have been beneficial, inspiring, or educational to me.  So feel free to check it out because I will be posting daily and feel free to send me a message as well with any questions you may have in general.
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